International Plaza is a 50-storey office cum residential complex situated in Singapore’s CBD. The construction was part of a grand redevelopment plan for the central area of Singapore, which started as early as 1966 and was completed in 1976. Its 50-storey silhouette is one of the most impressive landmarks of the city. It was one of the first buildings to integrate various operations into one space, therefore paving the road for a city of greater flexibility and autonomy, where people don’t have to drive long distances in order to find shops, gyms or entertainment areas.

The building is close to Shop N Save, Amara Hotel and Cold Storage. It is also nearby to Icon, Teo Hong Road, and Tanjong PagarPlazaa for amenities like banks, retail shopping, and groceries. There are several eateries that are located around International Plaza. Some of them are located at 33 Tras Street, 5 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, and 73 Tras Street.

The initial objective of the design was for the building to be self-sufficient, and today it still is one of the most impressive success stories from this point of view. A swimming pool and a health club offer their services to the residents, while the rooftop garden has some of the best scenic views in the city, and provides one of the best places for relaxation during the day. There nearby schools to cater to the educational need of the residents – Columbia Business School, AusEd-UniEd Singapore Pte. Ltd., and FY Institute of Technology, which are all less than 500m from the Plaza.

It is noteworthy that the 15th floor and 25th Floor of the International Plaza house the Honorary Consulate of Malta and Honorary Consulate of Tuvalu respectively. The entire complex benefits from air conditioning for its corridors and hallways, and, for those who prefer to drive, there is a huge parking lot, which has been completely redesigned for easier use in 1985.