4 benefits of having an office located at International Plaza building

International Plaza is located within the CBD area along 10 Anson Road, the central part of Singapore. The plaza houses a total of 1776 businesses to date. This huge number is because of the several factors and benefits that the International Plaza provides as discussed below:


The international Plaza is a 50-storey building that houses several businesses. The plaza houses banks, retail shops and among other top notch offices in Singapore.

The building is well designed for office rentals and therefore tailored made to suit all your office space and needs. Partitioning and furnishing a space into an office is always a hustle when space was not meant for the purpose. However, with specific designs, it is easy to have an office customised.

Having an office in this plaza will give your company or organisation a prestigious look and feel. Many people like associating themselves with services that depict prestige. There is a likelihood of you getting customers from top notch company just from this.

Availability of tertiary industries

International Plaza building has several tertiary industries such as banks among other financial services. These are the key services that you need when you are operating your business. You will, therefore, find banking and withdrawals of money an easy task when you have an office in this building.

Access to social amenities

Swimming pool and health club services are just but a snippet of what can be found at the Plaza. The building has a rooftop garden that is meant for relaxing as you enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city. After a long day in the office, you can still find a place to relax within the building.

International plaza has several eateries at located nearby at 33 Tras Street, 73 Tras Street and 5 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, all within a stone throw away. All of these places surround the International plaza thus easier accessibility to places that you can have lunch or go for tea breaks. It is not always easy to have an office that is highly accessible to eating joints, hence, this is a gem on its own.

Ample parking space

For those who are driving, you need not worry about parking. International Plaza has enough parking lot that underwent a redesign in 1985 to improve service delivery. There’s no worry for you, your potential customers or your VIPs to look for parking spaces. There’s always more than enough.

Getting all services under one roof is something that you should look for when in search for offices today. Be on the lookout not to miss an opportunity like this one.

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