Top 7 food to eat within International Plaza parameters

Top 7 food to eat within International Plaza parameters


International Plaza is a known commercial property located in the Central part of Singapore. It is a property well designed for office rentals, residential and sales usage. There are several places in the International Building and its environs that you can enjoy foods and drinks. We will have a look at some of the top 7 foods that you can enjoy at or nearby the International Plaza.



Are you a Japanese food lover? If yes, then you will surely enjoy sushi delicacies around International Plaza. Yo Shushi is one of the best food joints that you will enjoy the sushi foods while on a visit to International Plaza.



Enjoy a variety of seafood flavours at The Pub, a food and bar restaurant located in International Plaza. They are known for its affordability and quality of the seafood. Pay a visit to The Pub for mouth-watering seafood at pocket-friendly prices.



If you love Pizza, you can now have it at the comfort of your office! Having pizza served around the CBD area is a gem. California Pizza Kitchen is located along the bay Street and will serve you with quality pizza. Feel free to enjoy your flavour at this joint.



If you are watching over your diet or you wish to change into a healthy diet occasionally, The Salad Shop is a place that you will enjoy your salad in the CBD. It is located along 79 Anson Road, the same street as International Plaza. It is the best place for the vegetarian people who are visiting International Plaza. They offer the pre-prepared salads and make your own services.


Curry Puffs

Enjoy curry puffs and other hot savouries at Old Chang Kee restaurant. With its ‘grab-and-go’ concept, it is one of the leading food joint located in Singapore to offer such kind of service along with its varieties of finger food. This food joint is located at International Plaza and thus, the convenient place to have a bite while working. Old Chang Kee is the joint known for producing curry puffs with high-quality standards. Every Singaporean knows Old Chang Kee!


Chicken Pesto

With just $16, you will enjoy the spicier rendition of the food which uses Asians basil that is seemed to give a Thai flavour. The meal is available at The Hot Kitchen Bar and Bistro is located inside Lumiere residence, 2 Mistri Road opened from Monday to Saturday. Give it a try!



Enjoy Sandwich among the other Western Food at Nameless Sandwich Shop that is located at International Plaza, 10 Anson Road. The Sandwich is always custom made where you are required to choose bread for yourself.

What are you waiting for? These are just some of the foods that are available at International Plaza and its environs. Feel free to sample out a few joints for the best services.


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