4 Buildings In Singapore All Skyscraper Lovers Must See

The world’s tallest buildings are not present in Singapore, but that does not mean there aren’t any tall buildings there. Singapore is the hub to some of the most impressive tall buildings which are a significant contribution to the skyline. Most of these buildings are located in the Downtown Core area. You can expect to see about 49 skyscrapers that are more than 140 m.

Although Singapore is a developed country, one question that comes to everyone’s mind is, why Singapore does not have taller buildings than what it has now, when it can comfortably accommodate many of them. The reason is simple, yet many people are not aware of it. There is a height restriction in some areas of the city. No building can be taller than 280 m presently. This height restriction is there for a reason. Most of the districts in Singapore lie under the flight path of the Paya Lebar airbase, which is located only 10 km away from the CBD.

However, good news for all the lovers of the skyscrapers, the airbase is likely to be shifted in 2030. Once this is done, the height restriction will be removed, and you can expect to find more and taller buildings.

Let’s look at the top four beautiful tall buildings in Singapore, which are not to be missed at any cost!

  1. Tanjong Pagar Centre

Tanjong Pagar Center, also known as Guoco Tower, is presently the tallest building in Singapore. It was completed back in 2016 and stands 290 m tall. It is located in the Central Business District, and it is a breathtaking building to look at. Designed as a mixed-use building housing offices, retail outlets, eateries and much more, it’s the lunch hub for many of the office crowd.

  1. UOB Plaza

Again, located in the CBD region, the UOB Plaza is just 10 m shorter than the Tanjong Pagar Centre. It is situated next to the Raffles MRT station. UOB Plaza is a twin tower, and the buildings are connected with a 45 m podium, further supported by four columns. Most of the times, the outdoor area of the buildings is used for yoga or similar activities.

  1. One Raffles Place

Next on the line is the One Raffles Place. Previously, it was the world’s tallest building back in 1986 besides The Twin Towers. This majestic building is covered with aluminium that was treated chemically. The building itself is luminous and changes its colour, depending on the point you view the building from.

  1. International Plaza

This 50-storey building consists of various offices and event rooms and is located in the CBD of Singapore. The building itself is a little old but is still one of the most impressive buildings in Singapore. The rooftop of the international plaza offers a great view of the city and is undoubted, the best place to chill and not to forget, there are also restaurants with good food you should not forgo.

If you are planning a visit to the area near these skyscrapers, make sure you have a good look at these buildings and capture them in your cameras.

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