The Best Places To Eat In CBD On A Tight Budget

CBD is located in the downtown area of Singapore. It is the area where you will find some of the fascinating skyscrapers in the country. It is the central hub, places like International Plaza and Icon Village are located here. There are some great places to dine at too here at the CBD. But, if you are on a tight budget, then, don’t worry! CBD has it covered as well.

Below, you can find five affordable places to eat at. And mind you, when I say affordable, I certainly do not mean cheap, these places are great places with cheap food, at reasonable prices.

1. Katanashi

Katanshi is situated in Boat Quay, which you can find only a few minutes’ walks from the Raffles Place Station. This restaurant is another must-go. You can find amazing lunch deals at only $12.

You can find an extensive collection to select from; 10 different types of Japanese bowls of rice. They don’t only look amazing, believe me, they are scrumptious. If you are a foodie, and on a budget, don’t miss it!


Ngon’s speciality is noodles. Some of there must try noodles are; Special sliced beef and balls noodles, which you can eat only at $ 10.90, and dry pork noodles, at only $ 9.90. You also have an option to upgrade by adding your favourite topping at only $ 2. This is not it! The noodles are accompanied by crispy and yummy spring rolls, and tea or coffee; the choice is yours!

Some people have a big appetite; this place is not for them. But, for people who like to satisfy their noodle cravings, and those who have a little less appetite, a must place to visit!

3. Fill-a-Pita

Fill-a-Pita offers Middle Eastern lunch selections from 11.30 to 3 pm. Their lunch choices are great for connoisseurs of exotic Middle Eastern food, especially Egyptian food such as Koshari Rice at $5, which contains macaroni, brown rice, lentils, and served with tangy tomato puree, yoghurt, and crispy onion bits.

Additionally, they also serve Pita Bread at $2, Tabbouleh at $3, and wholesome Grilled Eggplants at $4. These scrumptious selections will keep you feeling full and satisfied without burning a hole in your wallet.

4. Moi Lum

Moi Lum offers weekday lunches from 11:30 to 2:30 pm. The lunch choice ranges from Signature Value lunch for $7.90, or if you want, you want to opt for Traditional Cantonese Set for only $8.90. This Cantonese course includes a drink or a bowl of double boiled soup.

These are just four of the must-visit places in the CBD for affordable lunches and dinners. Some of them are located near the iconic International plaza, so getting there gets easy. There are more places too, but these are the most popular ones among the people. Why don’t you visit these places and see for yourself?

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