Is Singapore’s Famous CBD Running Out Of Cheap Food Places?

International Plaza
According to a living survey conducted by the ECA International, a new study reveals that the cost of residing in Singapore is quite expensive for the expats. In fact, it is among the top 20 countries to live in. On top of that, most of the expats living in Singapore, work in the CBD, which by far, is one of the most painstakingly expensive business areas. Budgeting is a difficult task for many people, yet they have to endure the expenses and try to make the most of what they have. Although I don’t agree that the CBD is running out of cheap places to eat for the people working in the area, there still are some places for people like us (who lives on a budget) who can eat at an affordable rate. However, let’s not forget the fact that most of the meals available in the CBD are more than $10, and hey! I am not talking about a fancy meal.

Let’s roll down to the top 4 cheapest places to fill your appetite in the CBD at an affordable price;

1. Aussie Roll

Topping the chart is the Aussie Toll, where you can get your hands on the rolls at only $ 2 per roll. What makes it an ideal choice is grab and go type of meal. It is easy on the pocket as well, plus, they are delicious. Fill in the roll with lobster, prawns or any other meat of your choice. Want to go there? Visit the Chevron House, 30 Raffles Place.

2. Urban Bites

Urban Bites managed to secure the second position on our list by offering wrap style sandwiches at only $7. They are not only yummy, they are a treat for all the Mediterranean Cuisine lovers. The sandwiches are huge and fulfilling. You get to select from grilled kebab or a chicken Shawarma; both of them equally tasty and affordable.

3. The Sandwich Shop

The Sandwich Shop is another name for a healthy and an affordable meal. They offer a wide selection of sandwiches and salads to choose from. The food is packed with nutrients, and are easy on the pocket as well. The salad costs only $ 4.50. If you are planning to go with your colleagues, you can take the bundle offer, where the platter costs $ 40 for 6 people. If by any chance, you are stuck at the office, you can get the delivery at your office, for the orders above $ 10.

4. Wicked Garlic

Finally, the Wicked Garlic, located on the first floor of the international plaza takes the fourth position on our list. This place is literally packed with people, the food options are huge, and all their food is a treat for the mouth. Eat pasta, risotto, pizza at an affordable price. The prices are affordable and the quantity is huge. Although many other restaurants on the international plaza are expensive, this one is not to be missed.

Looking for food options under $ 10? Visit these places and eat a hearty meal at an affordable price.

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