3 Best Beaches In Singapore For Every Type Of Beach Goer

Singapore is not often known for its beaches. What tourists get excited over most of the time are its shopping venues and diverse food culture, for instance, those available in hotels located at International Plaza.

Since it’s a sunny island state surrounded by water, it naturally has some great beaches!

1. Siloso beach

There are 3 beaches in Sentosa, namely Siloso, Palawan and Tanjong beach. Of these three, Siloso is the busiest.

You’ll be able to chill out as you enjoy a drink, swim and eat some food provided at several of the beach bars. Additional beach activities you could try out at Siloso beach include cycling, rollerblading and kayaking.

At night, this place also comes alive with parties and music.

2. Palawan beach

Palawan beach is quieter and within walking distance from Siloso beach. It is very kid-friendly, with appearances from “Captain Palawan” during the school holidays and every weekend. On the beach, you can find The Port of Lost Wonder – the First Kids club in Singapore that’s by the beach. It offers lots of activities that can keep your kids busy as you enjoy your tan.

3. East Coast beach

Those who prefer doing outdoor activities may rent rollerblades or bicycles, go camping, hold barbeques, and even take a splash in the water.

Since this beach is family-oriented, it means that you will find a wide range of activities here. The best way to fully enjoy the beach experience would be to spend a night out camping! However, do make sure you get a camping permit before you pitch a tent out there.

Otherwise, a better alternative for one who wants to do a tiny event and keep away from the sun is through training room rentals. Simply book a room, and get all your necessary equipment and materials for the event.

You get to have all the fun to yourself but avoid all that sun tanning.

Either way, Singapore is a place of fun and beaches are a great way for both tourists and locals to spend their time. So, pick one of the beaches above and explore as much as you would love to!

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