Why Start-ups Prefer Renting Training Rooms

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Fledgeling businesses often need to keep costs in check when they first start out. In fact, one of the primary reasons for which many new businesses go belly up is because they fail to manage expenses effectively, with regards to their earnings.

At the same time, a lot of the young, tech-driven start-ups of today are getting savvier, especially when it comes to keeping undue costs at bay. Among the many methods being deployed, an especially effective one is proving to be renting training rooms. Here’s why.

Rent only when needed

A training room rental in Singapore may be opted for only when it is needed. So let’s say you have a start-up that requires a facility for your personnel to meet and operate in a proper corporate environment only 2 days a week. In such a scenario, savvy start-ups would ensure that training rooms are rented only for those 2 days when such a formal setup is actually required.

There is really no need to opt for a long-term lease on an expensive location when it won’t even be needed much of the time. Instead, by opting for a training room, the savings incurred are substantial.

Training rooms come with all the necessary facilities

An excellent facet of training rooms is the fact that they come with all the necessary facilities. In fact, aspects such as Internet connectivity or projector availability are considered so basic that they are pretty much a given that doesn’t require a confirmation!

Additional conveniences such as eatables, a water dispenser and a tea/coffee station, whiteboards, requisite furniture, lighting, etc. are all provided for in these training rooms. That way, there is really no compromise at all as far as renting such a facility—as opposed to leasing a formal office space on a long term basis goes.

These savings really matter for start-ups

With start-ups, every penny counts. In fact, at the very outset, many start-ups kick off proceedings with personal savings or funds acquired from friends/family members. External funding—as and when obtained, happens with extreme due diligence on the part of the financers. Therefore, the cost difference that arises in case of a need-based seminar room rental in Singapore option versus one where a flat lease is signed up for really does matter for start-ups.

As a matter of fact, we know of many start-ups which have highlighted this very prudent way of judiciously managing day-to-day expenses to external financiers, and impressed them to an extent that they obtained additional funding quite easily!

Different locations to choose from

Another excellent advantage with training room rental is the fact that such training rooms are widely available across the city-state. International Plaza, for instance, is well known to have many training room locations available for rental islandwide.

That way, start-ups can easily rent training rooms that best meet their desired location requirements.


The option to go into renting a suitable training room is proving to be especially viable for start-ups, particularly in light of their fervent need to assess all avenues for judicious cost management.