Things To Look Out For In Renting A Training Room

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Even a high-class and professional training session can turn into a disaster if it is conducted in a poor and unconducive environment. Whether you are planning to organize a students’ seminar or a business party, it is imperative to choose a room that features a user-friendly environment and convenient amenities. The space for working or learning has a direct impact on the performance of your employees and students. Therefore, you must take into account some essential factors before coming to a decision. Here are some important things to look out for when paying for a training room rental in Singapore.


The first thing people look out for in a training room rental is space. There is no point in conducting a meeting in a space which doesn’t have sufficient room to house all your guests. According to research, a comfortable and spacious training room is one that features a 10 feet or higher ceiling.


Of course, the meeting room must be located in an area that is accessible to your attendees. Accessibility is important but is that enough? Even if your attendees manage to get to the training room easily, you won’t be able to keep their engagement and interest in the meeting for long. For this reason, it is imperative to select a location with restrooms, onsite café, and other such facilities for break. Try to not go for the rooms that have pillars and posts since this will prevent any attendees from getting a proper view of the whiteboards and projector.


There’s no denying that extremely hot or cold temperatures reduce the mind’s ability to concentrate. Since the preferences of some individuals might not match the others, there are chances that a meeting room with a cold temperature might be moderate for some and too cold for the others. The best thing you can do here is to pick a training room which features adjustable AC units inside the meeting space. This way, you can change the room temperature as per the attendees’ needs.


Just like with temperature preferences, your attendees may have different preferences when it comes to the lighting in the room. If you are not certain which lighting best suits the requirements of all attendees, it is best to go for a room that allows for light adjustment facilities. Instead of artificial lights that are positioned just above the individual’s head, go for ambient lighting instead. Artificial lights are likely to form a glare on the projector screen and whiteboard, forming a shadow on and obscuring the trainer’s and attendee’s face.

Technology and facilities

The requirement for ICT equipment varies from program to program. For instance, some programs may call for more basic technology like a sole projector while a professional meeting may have additional requirements such as Wi-Fi Access, cloud-based labs, video conferencing & telephones, interactive whiteboards, and so on. If you’re inviting speakers down for talks instead of having a regular meeting, should choose a seminar room in Singapore that offers all the technology you need.