Classroom and Study Room Rental Singapore

Looking for an ideal classroom to conduct small workshops, teaching or even studying in a group? Classroom rental is among the most popular requests as the demand to get a proper location to carry out these activities has increased. Many are not able to find the time to manage a classroom full-time. Other than the physical strength needed to set up the room for each class, owning one is also costly. Hence, renting one is the only way out.

Our classrooms can fit up to 48 students comfortably. It is conducive and renting a slot for just 4 hours is possible. Classroom rental like this helps individuals who likes simplicity and who are focused on teaching to concentrate on what is more important.

Here are a few perks that you could expect from renting our classrooms:

Low rental rates

Our rental rates start from as low as $180. There will be no additional charges whether it is admin charges or GST. Best of all, no deposit upfront is required too!

Foldable tables and chairs

The tables and chairs in our classroom are foldable. Setting up for the classroom will be easier and more flexible as you able to control how the classroom layout should be presented. Excess tables and chairs can be put aside to make some space for students to walk around the room comfortably.

Newly renovated classroom

Newly renovated in November 2016, the condition of our rooms are clean and all equipment are brand new. Students will be comfortable following through the class or study.

24 hours accessible

Our classrooms are accessible 24 hours. Which means that night studying is also possible. Our rooms are fully equipped with air conditioning units so that rooms can be kept cool at all times.

Central location

We are located at International Plaza, right above the Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. It is easily accessible and there is a sheltered walkway to the building from Exit C. For more details on how to get here, view:

Free Wifi

We do not charge you for using the Wifi. Our Singtel Wifi has a speed of 100mbps and it allows you to connect up to 50 computers Our Wifi is password protected making your online surfing a safe one.

Extension cables

We provide up to 10 extension cables:

  • 3 meters cable x5
  • 6 meters cable x5

Stationaries and refreshments

Stationaries like pen, paper, lockers and refreshments like biscuits and water dispenser are provided.

Start renting today!

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