Function Room Rental Singapore

Looking for a cheap function room to host your event? Look no further. We have 3 function rooms sized at 310 square feet, 560 square feet and 635 square feet for you to choose from. Located at International Plaza, the heart of Central Business District (CBD) area is an ideal location for you and your guests.

Here are some of the perks of renting our function room:

Centralised location

Located right above the Tanjong Pagar MRT station, getting lost or walking a long distance to search for the right location will never be a worry. With a sheltered walkway from the MRT (Exit C), a rainy day will not be a problem for your guests. The function may still go as smooth as planned.

Abundant of parking space

The 50-storey International Plaza building will never run out of parking space for you. The carpark is located from level 4 to level 8.

Rates start as low as $200

Our rental rates start with as low as $200.
Also, no deposit up front is needed in order to book our function rooms.

Safe 24/7 accessibility

Are you conducting a function that runs overnight? Look no further, our rooms are accessible for 24 hours and are fully equipped with the security camera to ensure a safe running function.

Brand new

Our function rooms are newly renovated in June 2018. You’ll be assured that all equipment is brand new – from chairs, tables, carpet and newly painted walls.

Ideal room layout

With a square room layout, our function rooms are ideal to carry out any type of functions without having to worry about weird edges or corners that will hinder the function’s activity.