COVID-19: Precautionary Measures Taken at International Plaza

International Plaza will be taking necessary precautions to curb the spread of COVID-19. Following will be the measures taken:

1) Temperature screening upon entering International Plaza

Upon entering International Plaza, all visitors are required to undergo a mandatory temperature screening. Visitors who have failed the screening will be denied entry. Security guard is allowed to ask the visitors to leave the building politely if they do not meet the requirement.

2) Crowd Control

Crowd control measures will be taken at International Plaza. Some entrances will be closed to better control the crowd. Visitors can only enter via the main entrance of the building.

3) Hand Sanitiser at every level of the building (lift area)

Hand sanitisers are available at the entrance of the building and every level of the lift lobby.

Visitors are encouraged to use it when they enter the building while waiting for the lift. Using the sanitiser helps in killing the bacteria and virus on your hands.