Chinese coconut tart


Most likely, you will know the benefits of coconut milk. Therefore, why not add some coconut benefits to the all-time favourite Asian dessert: The custard tart. If you are not aware of what a coconut filled custard tart will do to your body, you first need to appreciate that coconut milk is more nutritious than a cow milk. Coconut will benefit your hair, skin and even nails. It will make them more vibrant. It will also strengthen your immune system, therefore, protecting you from many diseases. Adding some coconut goodness to your custard tart is a good idea.


Where can you find in coconut custard cart?

You will definitely find it in the best dessert places in Singapore. Most Singaporean bakeries and restaurants seem to have this dessert. In China, Hong Kong and Macau, it is also quite popular. The custard tart sold in Singapore does not taste the same as the one sold in China. There are different methods of preparation. In addition, using a different filling such as egg will change the taste.

Other than Asia, the custard tart is also popular in Portugal and Britain. The Europeans are the one who brought this dessert to the Far East.


Preparing coconut custard tart from home

First, prepare your coconut filling. This is what will give your custard that richness of coconut. This will need desiccated coconut, butter, evaporated milk, eggs, caster sugar, baking powder and flour. You should mix all these together to form a fairly stiff batter.

Secondly, prepare the tart. This will involve preparing of the soft dough, cutting the dough into small pieces and placing them appropriately in tart tins in a way that dough lines the sides and bottom of the tins living an empty space where the filling will be poured. To prepare dough, you need flour, sugar, eggs, milk, salt and sugar.

Finally, add the coconut filling in the form of batter to the tart tins and bake for around 15 minutes. There you have your coconut tarts! Cool them on a wire rack. If you will not be consuming them immediately, store them in an airtight container.

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