Proven Ways To Increase Attendance At Your Business Seminar

You’ve invested a lot of time to market your seminar, plan your speech, and create activities attendees will love. You have chosen what you think is the best seminar room rental in Singapore, and catered the refreshments for your guests. But what if on D-day, your room is barely half-filled? How do you make sure you have an audience at your seminar you have painstakingly planned?

Indeed, a seminar is only meaningful if there are people to attend it. To avoid the embarrassing situation of having a low turnout at your event, use these tips to encourage attendance:

1. Reminders

While events need to be publicised early so that people can book their schedules, sometimes it means that people will forget that they have agreed to attend this event. Thus, it is helpful to set up a reminder system to remind attendees of the event when it is nearing the date. A reminder for one week prior to the event and one day before the event is generally recommended. These reminders can be in the form of a public Facebook post or personalised e-mail reminders.

2. Timing is Critical

In planning for your event, the date you choose to set it on is also crucial. Keep in mind peak periods such as significant holidays or financial calendars when setting the date of your event. Depending on your target audience, the best date may differ. An appropriate date will encourage more people to come as more of them will be available to attend your event.

3. The Venue

Don’t downplay the significance of a venue. The venue of your seminar will reflect on the atmosphere of your event. For example, a workshop held at a café is seen to be informal, while one held at a conference room will be considered more formal. Your choice of venue should also suit the audience for your seminar. If they are corporate professionals, the venue should reflect professionalism. For corporate audiences, a seminar room rental might be a good choice.

Apart from the nature of the venue, also consider the location of your venue. Ensure that it is easily accessible for your attendees. Once you have settled on your choice of venue, make sure to communicate it clearly to your attendees, and provide directions if needed.

4. Promote your event

It goes without saying that you need to promote your seminar. However, it is a common mistake to promote an event by posting a few Facebook posts and expecting people to sign up. Marketing your event needs to be a conscious effort to reach out to your target audience. Think of where your target audience will most likely hear about your event, and promote your seminar through those channels. You might also want to ask partner organisations, sponsors, or the venue provider to help your company promote the seminar.

Don’t let your efforts go to waste in planning the perfect seminar. Use these tips to reach the right audience and encourage them to attend your event, so that you can execute a seminar that is fulfilling and enriching for both you and your audience.