Who is eligible to use seminar rooms?


You will agree with me that seminars do add great value to a business. In fact, there are business types that could be very successful when they make good use of the seminars. Taking advantage of the available seminar rooms is one thing that many businesses here in Singapore have failed. The big question is, who are eligible to use these rooms?



For most of the startups, having enough capital is always a challenge and this usually has a direct effect on the market presence. Owing to the fact that most startups have no track records, seminar rooms can be a great opportunity for them start off. Seminars give them a chance to pitch the ideas to the investors and that is why it a valuable moment.


Real estate agents

If you are a real estate broker or agent, then seminars rooms are the places you cannot avoid. Establish the local presence by attending the sessions organised by different person. It is a platform that you will meet people who are willing to join the real estate industry and have no idea where to start. Make good use of the moment to network with these people and make your services known to them.



Networking has always been a problem that freelancers face. Compared to other businesses, freelancers do not have equipped staff to carry out the marketing tasks for them. Hence, it is vital for them to organise seminars where they can form networks with people in the similar fields.


Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

For the SMEs, starting off is a no easy feat. With the high cost of advertisements, making good use of seminar rooms by organising sessions tend to be effective. One good thing is that you will meet potential clients on a one on one basis.

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