Food Bonanza at Singapore’s International Plaza

From the more fanciful cafes to the more homey, down-to-earth restaurants, there are plenty of food joints you can find in the International Plaza. So much so that you can probably decide to try something new every day for weeks and you’d still find a place where you haven’t eaten yet.

But while such a wide assortment of choices is good, it can pose quite a bit of a problem if you don’t have the time to try out everything.

Having said that, we came up with a list of all the must-try food places over at the International Plaza that are, just a cut above the rest.

1.   Kan Sushi

Location: Level 2, #02-54

Tucked away at a rather non-descript corner of the International Plaza is Kan Sushi, which, going by the looks, doesn’t really have much going for it. However, once you’ve tried out their signatures, the Bara Chirashi and Salmon Ikura Don Sets, among others, you’ll soon learn why you shouldn’t judge a restaurant by how quiet their disposition is.

With fresh food supposedly delivered directly from Japan, affordable $20 platter lunch sets, and a relatively quiet location, Kan Sushi is a must-visit restaurant for your Japanese food needs.

2.   Brothers Ramen

Location: Level 1, #01-20

With their motto “ramen from the heart”, you’ll walk away happy and satisfied after eating ramen made with gusto and love, at Brothers Ramen. Dig in into a bowl of delicious Chicken Ramen, Spicy Ramen, or for the exceptionally hungry, Supermen Ramen, which has a generous amount of pork chashu.

In addition, for a more peaceful dining experience, do visit during dinner time. Lunch time is where Brothers Ramen is usually full and busy serving all of the office workers in the area, expect really long waiting times to be seated, unless you head down to the restaurant early.

3.   Kia Hiang Restaurant

Location: Level 2, #02-29

The Kia Hiang Restaurant at International Plaza is one of the most popular lunch venues in the area, and for good reason too – their claypot chicken with cabbage is absolutely to die for.

You know a dish is good when very few would argue when you say that it’s the best in the country, and that’s exactly how most would describe Kia Hiang Restaurant’s Claypot Chicken.

Of course, Kia Hiang are no one-trick pony. They also serve a wide selection of dishes that’s suitable for all types of individual dining and gatherings, so there’s always going to be something for everyone.

4.   Wicked Garlic

Location: Level 1, #01-37

For some of the best Italian Cuisine being offered in the area, look no further than the Wicked Garlic Italian restaurant.

With hand-made pizzas, as well as mode-made pastries and sauces, and utilizing nothing but the best and freshest fixings, with affordable prices to boot, the Wicket Garlic offers a great escape from the usual casual shacks found all over Singapore. Dishes like the Curry Prawn Risotto and Spaghetti Aglio Olio Acciughe are rated highly, so do try them out.

5.   Ko Ryo Jeong Restaurant

Location: Level 2, #02-59

From the Seafood Pajeon, to the Sam Gye Tang, and their signature Boo-dae Chi jae, the Ko Ryo Jeong Restaurant is the closest you’ll find in the area for a taste of exquisite Korean Cuisine.

A lot of Korean restaurants in Singapore have tweaked their menus in order to cater to the local palate, but at Ko Ryo Jeong, you can be assured of quality and authentic Korean dishes. With an extensive menu, from the usual Korean staples to the more unique dishes, rest assured that your stomach will walk away happy, having indulged in authentic Korean cuisines.

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