How To Select A Suitable Theme For Your Corporate Conference

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After finding your ideal training room rental in Singapore for your upcoming conference, the next step is to plan and put everything in place. This includes selecting an appropriate conference theme.

The theme is what sets the tone of your event. Once the theme is in place, it guides all the planning decisions. The right theme does not only build your company’s brand, but it also attracts the attendees. On the other hand, a tacky or boring theme can affect your company’s reputation on a negative note.

Here are the steps you should follow to choose a conference theme that is both professional and memorable:

1. Review your conference goals

You should start by reviewing and clarifying your goals. Ask yourself questions like “What is the purpose of this event?” and “Why am I hosting it?”. Some of the event’s objectives may include rewarding employees for a productive year, training staffs on a particular product or service, launching a new product, and removing departmental barriers from the company.

Once you obtain the major goal of your event on paper, you can begin identifying the ideas it associates to. With that information, you can then brainstorm possible themes that are suitable for the conference.

2. Consider the audience

This point may seem apparent. However, it is highly crucial to be well-aware of your audience for your conference. Before coming up with a guest list, it is essential to create a rough outline of the people who will be attending the conference.

Themes may vary according to the audience attending the conference. For example, themes that may excel in an event where your existing clients are the audience may not work well in a conference for your prospects.

Therefore, when assessing your audience, it is essential to ask yourself these questions, “Who is the target audience of the conference?”, “What is the age range of the audience?” and “Will attendees be coming from the same location, or will they be from different countries?”

3. Choose a conference venue that suits your theme (and vice versa)

Although decorations and conference activities are crucial, subtly reinforcing the theme through your venue and catering can be memorable. While traditional conference venues are the preferred choice for event planners in Singapore, you are free to explore other options as well.

If you are still facing difficulties selecting a theme, the venue can provide you with some inspiration. For instance, if you are interested in hosting your conference at a local winery, you can consider utilizing the Tuscan theme.

After you complement your function room rental in Singapore with your selected theme, it will aid you in leaving an unforgettable impression on your attendees.

You can look up the internet to seek for inspirations. Some sources for inspirations include, vacation escapes, award winning movies, capitals from across the globe, childhood memories, eras (‘20s, ‘80s, futuristic), global cuisines, and many more.

Last but not least, you can also turn to your personal brand for theme inspirations. What are your company values? Let this guide you while you consider the various themes. You can even translate one of your brand values, such as growth, into the event’s main theme.