8 Questions To Inquire When Selecting A Conference Venue

Selecting the right venue for your conference will contribute greatly to the event’s success. However, when you are busy looking for a seminar venue that meets all your needs, you can easily overlook something important for your seminar’s success. This is especially so if the seminar is something new for your organization or if you are not conversant with sourcing for a function room rental in Singapore. Thusit is crucial to proceed with a plan in place.

Before speaking with the sales manager of an event venue, create a list of the most important requirements. The list will guide you into enquiring the right questions after visiting and viewing the venue. You will also be in a good position to compare different venues efficiently. Some crucial questions you can ask include:

1. Is this venue available on the selected dates?

You have already decided and set the dates for your event. Therefore, it is important to seek for a venue that is available on the selected dates. After finding a suitable venue, ensure that you inquire about various critical details, such as the number of rooms in the venue, AV equipment, and other amenities you require for your event.

2. Is the venue highly accessible?

It is important for your venue to be highly accessible and convenient for people to arrive with ease and comfort. If most of your participants are arriving from the airport, do check if the venue provides shuttle bus services. Another essential detail to clarify is whether there is ample parking space to accommodate to your participants.

3. Is accommodation provided?

If most of your seminar’s attendees are coming from the town area or in the case where your seminar will be held over several days, you may want to consider holding it at a hotel or location that is close to restaurants and other hotels.

4. How’s the ambience of the venue?

Will the venue arrange the right and suitable lighting for your event? Find out from the person in charge on how they usually organize the various items such as lighting, room and table arrangement, whether it is formal or informal, the choice of music and other equipment that will be involved in your event.

5. How many people can the venue accommodate?

When it comes to selecting the ideal training room rental, you absolutely have to know if it can fit the intended number of attendants or guests. This information is crucial because it affects the ease and comfort of your audience. Your attendees should be able to sit comfortably throughout your seminar sessions, with adequate space to move and relax.

6. Do you have the right facilities for our event?

There are different types of venues to suit various kinds of events. You may require a ballroom, a theatre, a space for exhibits, or meeting rooms for small groups.

Whatever your requirements and needs are, do check with the person in charge if they provide the right facilities for your event. You may also want to check if the venue has facilities such as an on-site restaurant, outdoor spaces, or lounge area, for the comfort of your participants.

7. Do the facilities meet our business and technical needs?

Find out if the facilities present at the venue can meet your business and technical requirements. This may include quality audio-visual equipment, wireless internet, computers, and other necessary requirements.

Some conference venues may also provide on-site business centres with mailing, printing, and faxing to help attendees conduct business when away from the meeting room.

8. What’s the cost of hosting our seminar?

Last but not least, your chosen venue’s cost should be within your budget and provide incentives to get you more business. Find out whether extending the duration by a few minutes or hours can affect the cost. Other things to consider include payment terms, liability issues and the fine print.

After talking and discussing with a couple of conference room providers, you can then compare and settle for the best venue that meets your criteria.