10 Entertainment Ideas To Spice Up Your Business Conference

When planning for a corporate conference, you would always want to make it memorable. One way to excite your audience is to incorporate some interesting entertainment pieces into the event.

The ideal entertainment hints for your conference should integrate effortlessly with your theme, venue, and goals. With the expectations of event-goers rising annually, using the right entertainment can intrigue your audience.

For your inspiration, here are 10 brilliant entertainment ideas for a corporate event:

1. Interactive catering spots

Delight your attendees by creating several multiple interactive food and drink spots in your conference venue. From a live stir-fry station and doughnut wall to a customized champagne cocktail lounge, there are countless ways to feed your guests while throwing in a wow factor.

2. Social photo booths

For nearly a century, people have been excited about photo booth selfies. The only thing that has changed is the technology that powers these selfies. Nowadays, social photo booths make it possible for anyone to take pictures, videos and even GIFs, and share them on various social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

3. Contests

A friendly competition can breathe life into your conference in no time. Some examples of fun ideas that you can explore include caption contest, scavenger hunt, or a trivia game that focuses on questions related to your business.

4. Hire a corporate humourist

Corporate comedians know how to keep the language clean and focus on business topics while cracking the crowds with hilarious statements. You can choose to engage the services of someone whose specialization is corporate gigs. However, it is important to ensure that he/she does not crack offensive or sensitive jokes.

5. Magician

If you would like to attract more attendees and stimulate excitement in your conference, you may consider bringing on board a magician. A professional magician knows how to inspire and awe the guests by using mind-bending tricks. This is also useful if you desire to promote a product in front of a huge audience.

6. Caricaturist

Professional caricaturists are always starring at corporate events. You can take a different approach by inviting an artist who uses technology. The artists can use a tablet to draw something before projecting the drawing to a bigger screen in real-time to impress your guests. However, ensure that the artists are acquainted with your business so that their drawings are able to convey the relevant message.

7. Cover band

If your conference uses old school vibes as its theme, you can consider engaging the services of a cover band to entertain your audience. The attendees will definitely be pleased to hear olden classic songs. They will be in high spirits and participate effectively in your event.

8. Break-dancers

A great way to get your audience rising from their seats is to bring break dancers on board. The mind-blowing moves of these dancers will energize your audience and make them want to get the most from the conference.

9. Celebrity impersonators

Depending on your event’s theme, you may ask a celebrity impersonator to spice up the occasion. These actors have what it takes to liven up your event. They can put on a show, meet and greet, hand out flyers or mingle with the audience.

10. Fire performers

These could be fire dancers, fire-eaters, or jugglers. The artists can add significant drama and sizzle to your conference. You can take advantage of the numerous social shares and hashtag postings that this performance garners. However, ensure that you seek the approval from the training room rental or function room rental in Singapore beforehand.