Convenient Places To Hold Your Seminar In The CBD

Where you hold your seminar could make or break its success. There’s nothing that screams of unprofessionalism like conducting a seminar someplace inconvenient or with plenty of surrounding environmental noise and chatter in an attempt to skimp out on the budget.

Luckily, Singapore is filled with great places where you can hold seminars and inspire, educate or motivate people in style.

Below are a couple of different seminar room rental in Singapore‘s CBD that you might want to consider:

1.    The Projector

A passionate project that came to be because of crowdfunding, hosting your seminar at The Projector is a great way to mesh a cool, casual vibe and a professional setting, where you can use the cinema to help you in your lecture. At the same time, choosing to host your seminar over at The Project is a great way to support local businesses.

The Projector has a cafe/lobby area that can comfortably seat 40 people and has a maximum capacity of 200 people. For the two cinema areas, one can hold 150 seats and 30 bean bags, while the other can hold as many as 230 cinema chairs.

2.    The Bank Bar + Bistro

You know you’re legit when you’ve made a reputation for successful events like networking, product launches, trainings, and of course, seminars.

For a more upscale place to hold a seminar, it’s hard to go wrong with The Bank Bar + Bistro.

The people over there clearly know what they are doing as they are well equipped with everything that you would need for a seminar, from a large projector screen to additional TV screens as well as an excellent audio system to make sure that everyone in the room hears you loud and clear.

The Bank Bar + Bistro also offers a wide range of beverages, including as many as 27 types of whiskies and draught beers straight from the tap, among others.

3.    Novotel

If your seminar is more like a meeting, or if you simply just want a more intimate setting, then the Novotel located within the Clarke Quay area is just what you need to make sure that your seminar screams professionalism right from the get-go.

Lit by sunlight and boasting a view overlooking that of the Singapore River, the Novotel’s fully air-conditioned meeting rooms will make your attendants feel right at home.

You also have plenty of areas to choose from at Novotel. For example, if you want to splurge a little, Novotel offers an Executive Boardroom that can fit up to 18 people at a time comfortably with their own ergonomic style boardroom chairs to sit in.

4.    The Screening Room

If you’re sandwiched between the traditional and modern part of Singapore, then the Screening Room is the ideal option for you when it comes to seminars.

You can choose between the more intimate theatre room, which can hold and seat 35 to 50 people comfortably, or the rooftop space, which has enough space for 100 people.

Located at the Ann Siang Road, the Screening Room’s convenient location and large food menu is worth considering if you’re looking to host a seminar that’s slightly away from the busier areas of Singapore’s Central Business District.

In addition, there is seminar room available for rent in International Plaza, which is also conveniently located in the CBD area.

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